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Banteay Srei

The tiny set of ruins called Banteay Srei...

"is nearly everyone's favourite site. The special charm of this temple lies in its remarkable state of preservation, small size and excellence of decoration. The unanimous opinion amongst French achaeologists who worked at Angkor is that Banteay Srei is a 'precious gem" and a 'jewel in Khmer art'..."

Rooney, D. Angkor (1999). Hong Kong: Odyssey Publications Ltd.

That book by Dawn Rooney is excellent, and is well worth getting if you're interested in reading more about any of the ruins at Angkor—or if you're planning a trip yourself!

But for here, we'll again let the photos speak for themselves...

A well-used bridge, all right!   [Between Siem Reap and Banteay Srei]

Doorway at entrance to ruins at Banteay Srei

The golden sandstone of Banteay Srei, which takes on a nice glow in the late afternoon.

A praying mantis [we THINK!], relaxing on a rock at Banteay Srei.

UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL: A close-up of bas-relief work...

And a view from back a ways.

Three mini-towers at Banteay Srei

A stone guard, standing (ok, KNEELING or SITTING!) on duty.

Another close-up showing the fantastic work--and how well it's all held up through the centuries.

For the birds...

Karen and Marc, on the east side of Banteay Srei

That's it!

Hope you've enjoyed these eleven photos from Banteay Srei...

(By the way, the background image here is taken from one of the walls at these ruins.)

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