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Karen's Bird List

Cambodia, Laos & Thailand

December 2000 - January 2001

Here is a list of birds spotted in SE Asia during late December 2000 and January 2001.

It's a disappointingly short list, as there really were few birds to be seen in many of the areas we visited. But of course those that we did see were great!...

Ashy Minivet

Asian Openbill

Asian Pied Starling

Barn Swallow

Black-Capped Kingfisher

Black Drongo

Black-Winged Stilt

Blue-Eared Kingfisher

Blue-Fronted Robin

Cattle Egret

Chestnut-Bellied Rock Thrush

Collared Kingfisher

Common Myna

Common Sandpiper

Common Starling

Common Tailorbird

Cotton Pygmy Goose

Eurasian Blackbird

Fork-Tailed Sunbird

Fork-Tailed Swift

Greater Coucal

Grey Wagtail

Grey-Headed Lapwing

Hen Harrier

Indian Roller

Intermediate Egret

Javan Pond Heron

Large-Billed Crow

Little Egret

Little Grebe

Little Heron

Little Ringed Plover

Oriental Hobby

Oriental Magpie Robin

Paddyfield Pipit

Peaceful Dove

Pied Fantail

Pied Kingfisher

Plaintive Cuckoo

Red-Breasted Parakeet

Red-Collared Dove

Red-Throated Flycatcher

Red-Whiskered Bulbul

Richard's Pipit

River Lapwing

Scarlet-Backed Flowerpecker

Scarlet-Breasted Flowerpecker

White Wagtail

White-Vented Myna

Yellow Bittern

Yellow-Vented Bulbul

Yellow-Vented Flowerpecker

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