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and the Plain of Jars

The Plain of Jars, near Phonsavan, Laos, are a bit of a mystery. There are a few thousand jars, spread over 30 square miles, in various sizes, ranging from only 18" high to 8'.

Were the jars carved from stone, or are they fired ceramic? (We think they look carved, but there's a cave nearby, supposedly used as a kiln.) Were they used for burials, or for storing food or wine?

No one really knows, but there are plenty of theories. A few Lao students are completing doctorates in the US and England right now (early 2001), and are planning to do some serious research starting soon. Maybe there will be some answers in the next few years.


As with some of the other pages at this site, no descriptive text accompanies these photos. Instead, just put your cursor on top of any picture, and read a bit about it that way...

Old US bomb shells in front garden of Kong Keo guesthouse, Phonsavan

 The Plain of Jars, just outside of Phonsavan, Laos

 Two local boys, one climbing a fairly large stone 'jar'

Here's one of those boys again... he didn't speak any English, from what we could tell, but he did communicate with those big eyes of his.

A jar lid, perhaps a meter/yard across in size.

Bomb damage to one of the Jars

Karen, standing next to one of the biggest (if not THE biggest) of the jars

Hmong courtship game: toss the ball...   FOR A DESCRIPTION ABOUT HOW THIS WORKS, GO TO THE   People and Faces  PAGE AT THIS SITE.

A young Lao woman, wearing an interesting sort of shawl!

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