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V i e n t i a n e

Vientiane has seemingly countless wats—and other things to catch the eye.

For a capital city, it's still a pretty laid back place, where people go about their business in a decidedly unrushed manner. The Mekong slowly moves by, as it always has, and one gets the feeling that not a lot changes here.

Still, you'll find plenty of places to catch up on your email, and other places to part with your money—and usually in a pretty satisfying way: lots of souvenirs can be had for farily cheap.

Here at this page any descriptive text about an individual picture is "hidden" in the photo itself: i.e., just put your cursor on top of it to read the text...

WHAT A LOAD OF CONCRETE!   Patuxai, perhaps better known as the Victory Monument.  According to Lonely Planet: 'Ironically, it was built in 1969 with US-purchased cement that was supposed to have been used for the construction of a new airport.'

What a wat!   [ Pha That Luang ]

A kid posing at Pha That Luang

A serpent, also at Pha That Luang

Buddha, at Pha That Luang

A procession at Pha That Luang:  carrying a monk, round and round...

That Dam, a/k/a the Black Stupa (with palm tree shadow at base), near central Vientiane

At Wat Mixai:  A NYAK, or guardian giant, standing out front

At Wat Chan, Vientiane:  Monks, laundry hanging out to dry, and a satellite dish

Wat In Paeng, out front

Also at Wat In Paeng:  Beautiful door, and murals all around

And a close-up of one of those great murals

Sunset on the Mekong, at Vientiane

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