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t r a n s p o r t a t i o n

in Laos, Cambodia and Thailand

Bus company sign, on the side of one of its buses (southern Laos)
Getting from one place to another in SE Asia offers the traveler a number of different and colorful options: besides flying (an option we only used a few times, owing to cost), there are of course buses, trains, and boats and—for shorter trips—things like rikshaws, tuk-tuks, motos, and the like.

Shown here are a handful of those means of transport, along with some of the people doing the transporting as well...

Looking through the windshield of a long-distance bus in eastern Thailand...

Looking through a bus windshield, eastern Thailand

Green Thai countryside, from the window of our southbound train (Chiang Mai to Ayuthaya):

Looking out the train window at the Thai countryside, Chiang Mai to Ayutthaya

The airport at Phonsavan, Laos. (Yes, that's a vegetable garden on the premises.)

And at that same airport...

weighing our backpacks, the good ol' fashioned way:

Our backpacks, being weighed at the Phonsavan airport--the old fashioned way

And Karen on her moto, driven by Nak, at Angkor...

Karen and her driver, Naa, speeding along...

Lao women on a motorcycle... a common sight in Laos and other parts of SE Asia:

Women on motocycle (Vientiane, Laos)


We saw this cute little boy (at the Roluos Group of ruins at Angkor), and couldn't resist snapping a shot of him:

Small boy on a big bike!  (Angkor, Laos)

And finally, a tuk-tuk driver in Chiang Mai, taking a rest from the daily grind...

Tuk-tuk driver taking a rest  (Chiang Mai)

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